Still in the box, never been opened never been used xbox 1 controller. Super good deal. Got an extra one for Christmas last year and now we need the money Will deliver for gas compensation.
Built in wifi, kinect ready, xbox live, wireless control capabilities. I have xbox360 games for sale, too, that will be posted later.
1 Collectable Limited Edition Superman X-box 3 in excellent working conditionSelling for $200 willing to negotiateThis limited edition Superman X-box 3 was exclusively given to Microsoft employees and was not sold publicly.The original owner of this edition retired from Microsoft a number of years ago. At that time he sold it to the current owner. Unfortunately, the papers verifying this have b...
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Bought used from Game Stop, game works great
Assassins Creed III bought used at Game Stop, game works great
Looking to trade and I can add some $ for a ps4 Comes with Madden PubG and Fortnite on the console you can keep the account Console was wiped with a wipe why it looks wet One wired controller One wireless controller which needs a battery pack